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Who we are and why we started in El Toyo and Retamar.

This project was born to help owners who wanted to sell their homes more than 20 years ago when websites and the internet began to be implemented worldwide.

We start with www.retamar.info... for years later continue with www.eltoyo.info, pages created from the origin to give information to neighbors, customers and tourists who were interested both in the area, and later in the project that on the occasion of the Mediterranean games was to be developed.

In all this time and after creating 5 different small companies related to the real estate sector with 25 years, Install the first real estate office in 2005 a place in El Toyo, overcome the most severe real estate crisis in history and now try to overcome the only pandemic of our century, I think we can overcome everything. The future, however complicated it may come, will always make it loaded with new opportunities and challenges to overcome.

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